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What a fantastic world of AI (Artificial Intelligence), I am amazed. The virtual Vacláv Havel or Tomáš Sedláček, answers which
2018, India, Anand Bhawan Museum - still valid, even more than ever. In this time of lockdowns and constant violation
This year was just a ride. A lot has happened and these are my remarks so that I can have
In the restaurants there are no menus, there are no waiters, there is no cash here, there is only WeeChat……they
New morning - every new morning means a new fresh start. Days are not connected and what went wrong yesterday
At the beginning of the year 2020, my wife and I spent a week in India. This time it was
At the beginning of this year (of 2020) I attended a conference as a speaker. It was organized by our
Ke konci dubna jsme využili velikonočního volna a vyrazili na Besedické skály. Kolem skal vede jednoduchý (rodinný) okruh po žluté,
Deep talk - Petr Ludwik a Václav Dejčmar Deep talk Ludwik a Václav Dejčmar o žábě, ZENu, atd.. a jeden